Grain Bins

Conrad American Grain BinsBuilding grain bins, from pouring the pad to putting up the bin, has become a big part of our business in southwest Wisconsin. We also repair grain bins, take down used bins and move bins to different locations. Contact us for more information about all our bins and the grain handling equipment to manage your crop. 608-994-2820

Conrad American Grain Bins

Choose from 6 models and 3 basic weights (standard, heavy and recirculating). Each is available in wide and narrow corrugation.

  • Standard: regular, high-tensile sidewalls for use with stirring devices of two or fewer augers.
  • Heavy: constructed heavier-gauge sidewalls, for added strength for stirring devices of three or more augers.
  • Recirculating: super heavy sidewalls, are recommended for continuous-flow drying systems where devices or bottom discharge unloading equipment are used.

Each bin has a 40″ fill opening with reinforced 10 gauge inner ring. Opening is covered by spun dome lid and secured by a single latch.

Roofs have an extra double duty safety ring, which provides safety when working on the roof and extra support from snow and wind.

Rugged sidewall ladders, safety cage, and safety platform makes access to the manway and roof safe.

Heavy gauge doors ensure a perfect fit. Three grain-tight inner door panels with inspection opening making grain check easy.

35 degree pitch roof specially designed for maximum strength and fast condensation runoff. The steep pitch allows moisture to escape to the outdoors in drying process (not down the inside). A full 5 ½” overhang protects against rain, wind and snow.

Extra-large manway for easy access in and out, when closed door is secured with a spring latch.

Roof vents mount easily on roof for adequate ventilation. Mesh covering the opening keeps foreign objects from entering. A pre-punched roof panel, formed lip on knockout, eliminates moisture from entering bin.

Floor, support stands and flashing are available in 18 and 20 gauges with a .094 opening for increased airflow and easy to clean.